Now lots of consumers looking for reps shoes or replica bags, even sometimes some brand boutiques still selling replica shoes in their website or store, cause can earn lots of money, such as jordan reps, fake yeezys, off white replicas, nike reps and other replica designer shoes (that’s balenciaga replica, fake gucci and so on), these all hot sale replica shoes. These good for consumers and seller, they got what their need with too-good-to-be-true prices.

Usually the knockoffs footwear have many quality and not all of them are good, some buyers called as UA quality, 1:1 quality, highest or top quality, super fakes or AAA fakes (that’s what we in the industry refer to as “really, really good fakes”).

The following photos is counterfeit balenciaga we were taken(AAA quality):

Jordan 1 Low Fragment x Travis Scott replica

Where to buy 1:1 Reps Shoes.

Luxury Reps shoes website is our online selling replica shoes store, all items are 1:1 quality, we offering Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, dior and prada replica 1:1 standard. is a china wholesale luxury brand shoes&bags factory, We have factories located in Guangzhou, dong guan and other city we have 8 years’ experience of sale and manufacture. Committed to providing industry-leading shipping capabilities and superior customer service to help who are want to buy replica shoes, fake shoes. We promise the best grade quality and strict quality control. Check the below information to learn more.

What are 1:1 replica shoes.

The replica shoe factory are savvy these days, and the buyer can’t find difference between a real & authentic shoes and a fake shoe. 1:1 replica shoes not authentic, and are trying to be as close to the original product as possible, collectively known as OG quality. True to its name in other countries, people use the word Replica to describe, all shoes made with the same materials as real shoe and refer to a class of counterfeit products made by companies and difficult to distinguish by eye or look, by appearance. It is difficult to distinguish between genuine and replica products. Users also call Replica 1:1 shoes genuine cheaper versions. What I’m trying to say is that even the smartest shoppers — even the ones that do their research, still less can find difference.

What are the Advantage to buy fake shoes.

One of the biggest indicators of fake shoes is the price. Usually to buy a genuine sneaker, for example a Jordan 1 Low Fragment x Travis Scott replica we sold top quality about $150 USD with free shipping, but check official website like stockx need cost more than $ 1370 USD, you can save up to 94% money to get 1:1 quality shoe, 100% looks like original. Other advantage below:

  1. Top quality as original
  2. Safe and no customs problem
  3. Free Shipping & Fast Shipping
  4. Price Match Guarantee
  5. Cheap price

How To Spot A Fake

Unfortunately, this isn’t an easy question to answer, maybe you can find answer from google.

Please read the table to learn more:

Check the Box most not have  we ship with original box
Check the Inside Tag poor qualtiy wrong tag we using real tag
Receipts or Proof of Purchase not have we have receipt like stockx
Examine the condition of the shoes most not take video we can take QC photos and videos for you check


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